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The Vanguard Initiative

The Vanguard Initiative is a Europe wide network of more than 30 industrial regions. Their aim is push new technologies to a higher TRL level through the establishment of industry-led, cross-regional projects. The network has initiated five thematic pilot projects to explore opportunities for inter-regional joint demonstrations/value chains:

  • Bio-Economy - Interregional cooperation to innovative use of non-food bio mass.
  • Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing
  • High-Performance Production through 3D-Printing
  • Making EU the global leader in components for marine renewables and offshore energy applications
  • New Nano-Enabled Products

NanoMat is active in the "New Nano-Enabled Products" Pilot as the regional coordinator for Baden-Württemberg and used to lead the former Democase Nano-Enabled Printed Electronics.

New Nano-Enabled Products - Vision

The Vanguard New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot has the aim to connect regions, to build industrial ecosystems in nanotechnologies, and to create pilot production facilities for products based on nanomaterials. Pilot-scale synthesis of materials and integration of nano-components is envisioned to enable new products for technical applications in fields as diverse as information technology, automotive industry, cosmetics, medicine, or the construction sector. Bringing prototypes to production by securing reproducibility of application remains a critical point for the industry. this is where this pilot aims to make a difference.

What's in for me?

The pilot aims at connecting and further developing open and business-driven facilities for pilot production in the field of nanotechnologies, in particular nanomaterials. By pooling the regions' resources and efforts, and by connecting complementary regional strengths, the pilot will create a strong European industrial nanotechnologies network including European R&D and laboratory infrastructure as well as different types of industries. New, trans-regional value chains will emerge on the basis of innovative nanomaterials.