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About Us

NanoMat, located with its managing office at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), was founded in 1997 as one of the first nano competence centers in Germany. Our members are noted partners from industry and academia that focus their efforts on a variety of application-oriented projects in nanotechnology and materials research.

NanoMat acts as a virtual enterprise, fostering and executing application-oriented R&D projects, as well as organizing dedicated workshops and symposia that encourage information exchange between and within subject areas. Our network also contributes to an active political dialogue on nanotechnology and nanomaterials, and we prepare and present relevant topics in nanotechnology to the public.

We focus on the following:

Research areas:

  • Energy
  • Electronics and photonics
  • Nanomaterials, raw materials, and surfaces
  • Technical development and manufacturing processes
  • Medicine and the environment

Cross-sectional topics:

  • Commercialization and innovation
  • Material characterization
  • Risk assessment and safety
  • Public relations and marketing

Our services (some limited to members only):

  • Project management:
    initiation, support and coordination of research projects within and outside of the network
  • Funding:
    obtaining and consulting on innovation and project funding (public and private)
  • Communication:
    research information exchange through symposiums and workshops, multidisciplinary exchange through regional and international networks, representation in regional and national panels through our office and experts in our partner organizations, and student education
  • Public relations:
    technology marketing (white papers, subject articles, symposiums) and a regularly issued newsletter
  • Personnel management:
    creation and development of an online job exchange
  • Technology transfer:
    support of knowledge transfer, from fundamental research to industry applications, and licensing and patents