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Evaluation of the Need for Graphene Composite Standardization

Graphene Flagship and 2D EPL members only!

Graphene composites are widely discussed and investigated. However, at the end of the production line, are there specific graphene related properties that need to be addressed by standards? This does not include merely better or worse performance enabled by the addition of graphene.

The question is rather whether there are any key control characteristics, or measurement methods thereof, of the final composite or intermediate products, which are graphene-specific!

Estimated time to complete the survey: 90 sec.

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Graphene from the Buyer's Perspective - The Powers of Standardization

Survey open to the global Graphene community, in particular Industry and Industry driven Research.

To facilitate market entry of graphene-enabled technologies, it is central that the development of globally relevant standards is done in alignment with industrial needs and requirements. In order to identify and assess these needs and requirements, our workshop series will be organised as a unique gathering of international graphene stakeholders: industrial buyers, producers, scientists and standardization experts.

By its sheer nature, the development of international standards is an intensely collaborative process. In general, standardization is industry driven--mostly buyer driven. If done well, it can give new technologies a tremendous push towards market entry.

Our workshop series will enable an intimate dialogue amongst international stakeholders, with experts of the international standardization committees in attendance, too. 

Estimated time to complete the survey: 3 min.

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Graphene Flagship Standardization Committee - Scoping Out New Standardization Projects

Graphene Flagship and 2D EPL members only!

We will hold individual GFSC workshops on different topics, key control characteristics or categories to scope out new projects for standardization. This survey is to collect a selection of topics to be discussed at these GFSC workshops.

Participation of industrial partners of the Graphene Flagship and 2D EPL especially welcome!

Estimated time to complete the survey: 50 sec.


For any questions related to the surveys, please contact Dr Thurid Gspann, chair of the Graphene Flagship Standardization Committee.

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