Nanotechnologies and their impact on society, environment and economy.

An interdisciplinary seminar series launched by NanoMat and the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)
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Scope: Without nanotechnologies, our world would be very different form the one we know, as they have enabled breakthroughs in various technology fields that touch our lives, including IT, transportation and construction, as well as the medical and agricultural sectors.

How have nanotechnologies impacted the way we live, work and interact? In which way have they influenced our society and economics, changed our perception of life, and affected the way we think? Will they bring about a better world? Are there immanent threats? What are their implications for the future regarding safety, environmental or even moral issues?

Our seminar series will address these and other questions by giving a stage to interdisciplinary experts from both natural sciences and the humanities.


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