ENSEMBLE3 in Warsaw, Poland - Group Leader III-V Compound Semiconductors

Your tasks

  • Establishing and supervising a research group in one of the group areas;
  • Organizing and carrying out research efforts that will place the centre at the forefront of scientific developments worldwide;
  • Collaborating with other groups in the centre;
  • Disseminating results to the public and scientific communities;
  • Applying for funding;
  • Seeking industrial collaborations.

Contact & additional information



ENSEMBLE3 is a new Centre of Excellence for nanophotonics, advanced materials, and novel crystal growth-based technologies located in Warsaw, Poland, created jointly by institutions from Poland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The centre will work on the development of novel material technologies and advanced materials with unique electromagnetic properties, with potential applications in fields such as photonics, optoelectronics, telecommunication, solar energy conversion, medicine, and aerospace.