'The Power of Standardization’ - Graphene Flagship

  KIT, T. Gspann

We’d like to announce this interactive workshop entitled ‘Graphene from the Buyer’s Perspective – The Powers of Standardisation’.
It will be the first of a series of events under the label ‘The Power of Standardization’, hosted by the Graphene Flagship, organized by the Graphene Flagship’s partner responsible for Standardisation – NanoMat.
Together, we are aiming at connecting the global efforts towards graphene standardisation.

To facilitate market entry of graphene-enabled technologies, it is central that the development of globally relevant standards is done in alignment with industrial needs and requirements.
In order to identify and assess these needs and requirements, our workshop series will be organised as a unique gathering of international graphene stakeholders – industrial buyers, producers, scientists and standardisation experts.

By its sheer nature, the development of international standards is an intensely collaborative process. In general, standardization is industry driven, mostly buyer driven. If done well, it can give a tremendous push forward for the market entry of new technologies.

Our workshop series will enable an intimate dialogue amongst international stakeholders, with experts of the international standardisation committees in attendance, too.

Please note that this event will be by invitation only. To enable the dialogue, only a very limited number of spaces is available!

Registration for invited participants