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External Events

NanoTox 2018

9th International Conference on Nanotoxicology

18. - 21. September 2018
Dorint-Hotel Neuss


Following are upcoming events organised by NanoMat as well as conferences and fairs we participate in to present our partners and projects.

Printed Electronics Workshop 2018

Our next Workshop on Nano-Enabled Printed Electronics will take place at KIT on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Focus lies on moving printed electronics technology from the laboratory to the market. As in our previous workshop in Sept. 2016, we will welcome participants from industry and academia which will come from different European technology regions.

Link to the event webpage


NanoMat-ITAS Seminar (June 18th 2018)


Nanotechnologies and their impact on society, environment and economy.

Dr. Bernard Baertschi: "Natural or artificial: does it matter morally?"

Link zur Website der Veranstaltung



Naturwissenschaftliche Seminare/Schülerpraktika der FTU (auf Anfrage)

Salbviniaeffekt - Trichom der Salvinia molesta

Salbviniaeffekt - Trichom der Salvinia molesta

Dr. Regine Geerk-Hedderich: „Neueste Ergebnisse aus der Nanotechnologie - Wissenstransfer zu Schülern und Lehrern."

Link to the event webpage